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Fountain Wedding Cake IdeasFountain Wedding Cake Ideas

Unique Wedding Cakes with FountainsUnique Wedding Cakes with Fountains

On your wedding day, you want everything to be not only special and perfect, but unique to your own sense of style and beauty. Coming up with a one-of-a-kind wedding cake design can be time consuming and pricey. To ensure that your cake is perfect for your day, why not try a fountain cake?

Adding a water fountain to your cake design provides many benefits:

It’s unique. Though beautiful, fountain cakes are still uncommon. Guests will remember your reception as the one with the fantastic fountain cake.

It adds an elaborate touch to a small cake. If you want to jazz up your cake but don’t want (or can’t afford) a huge or highly decorated cake, placing small cakes on a fountain setting adds the pizzazz you’re looking for.

It doesn’t add much to the cost. Since the fountain itself is not expensive to use, it’s definitely an economical way to enhance the presentation of the cake.

It’s dramatic. Fountain cakes incorporate the use of water, either clear or colored. The fountain and various waterfall set-ups provide an interesting, peaceful sound that adds to the experience. In addition, lights or candles can be strategically placed to add yet another sensory layer to the entire presentation. Everyone loves water: the sound and sight of moving water provides texture to the presentation.

A spin on the fountain idea is having a chocolate fountain as part of the structure of the cake. Now you’ve added not only visual interest, but a taste treat as well. With this type of cake, you have a fountain that pours chocolate into a receptacle, usually placed under the cake stand. Various “dippers,” such as fruits, marshmallows, pretzels, and the cake itself, are offered alongside the cake. Imagine the fun your guests will have creating their own customized dessert plate. Obviously, the chocolate fountain adds a bit more to the cost, but is still more economical than an elaborate wedding cake. Not to mention the interest and fun it will add to your reception.

Remember, your wedding day should showcase your personality and creativity. Find a baker or pastry chef who is willing to work with you to highlight your originality. Incorporate a fountain, either using water and lights or chocolate, to your wedding cake, and you’ll have an experience you and your guests will remember forever.

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