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The reception alone will bust your wedding budget if you’re not
careful. Of course, the most obvious way to save money on the
reception is to keep it small. Where you host this grand
occasion could make or break you.

Your low budget wedding remedy? Find a reception location
that’s free or low cost.

A free location may include, your home, or a friend or family
member’s home. A low cost option might include the Church
reception hall, the local fire department’s reception room, and
club hall rentals. Most will have a kitchen area for preparing
and serving food.

Sometimes you will even find a local restaurant that
specializes in low budget wedding receptions. These will likely
offer a package for the reception which may include dinner and
limited beverage with the rental of restaurant space or banquet
rooms. Check hotels in your area for banquet rooms as well. Some
may rent the banquet room alone and/or offer reception packages
as an option.

Leave no stone unturned in your search! You may happen upon a
gem of a deal that will save you alot of money. Ask around. Get
recommendations from friends and family. Do a local search on
the internet. We have several plantations in our area who offer
wedding reception packages. These are elegant locations and are
usually competatively priced; Including options for the low
budget wedding.

Make a list or chart to record all your findings. Record not
only price but services available, and packages available. Then
you can compare where you will get the most for your money.

For instance, you may be able to rent a space for a really
cheap rate and hire outside catering for the dinner. But, if
you find a location that costs more but will offer you a
package that includes the catering, it may be the better deal
in the long run.

The one big exception to this scenario is if you opt for a
potluck reception. Many guests may be pleased, if not relieved,
to be given the choice to bring a reception dish in place of a
wedding gift. You will find that low budget reception packages
usually come with a low budget menu as well. If you choose this
option, you will save greatly on catering expenses. I am certain
your guests will be more pleased with the menu selections. This
would be your best low budget wedding option and will save the
most money.

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